Support material for Working Group Report

The purpose of this site is to support and provide the background material for the OPDC Working Group on Bike/Ped Safety on Neville and Boundary Streets as it prepares its Recommendations and Report.

If you simply want to read the current draft, here it is.

The supporting material is organized by type:

Presentations – Power Point presentations that have been made to various group.

Documents – Internal documents of the working group

Photographs – Pictures of Neville and Boundary road taken at various times; some are continuous views on a single day, some depict specific situations, some are annotated

Property Research References to deed books, Allegheny County Assessors website, etc about who controls what property along the west side of Neville/Boundary Street.

Graphics – Diagrams, maps, Streetview layouts, charts, etc. Drawn to illustrate concepts and designs.

Resources – External documents (often via links) such as design standards, city policy/regulations, rails with trails, property ownership